November 19th - December 31st

Let's reshape IoT with the ASCA® photovoltaic film!



What about
taking up a new challenge?

Whether you are a student, a start-up, a designer or a large company, ... let's collaborate to make a significant change in the IoT world!

The stakes are high! The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast ecosystem currently developing in a large number of sectors. This requires the use of many batteries, and with over 50 billion connected objects and an annual growth of 15%, the stakes in terms of environment and economy are key!

But solutions do exist! The recovery of energy from the environment, energy harvesting, is now becoming possible thanks to the emergence of new technologies. The energy can be collected, stored and then reused in order to extend the operating duration of the equipment.

Organic photovoltaics (OPV), thanks to its ability to operate at low-light intensity (even indoors), enables sensors to improve both functionnality and autonomy.

What is the challenge about? Think of an IoT concept fully powered by the ASCA® OPV technology. Light and flexible, the film is easy to integrate and offers exciting functionalities!
So, are you inspired? We challenge you to be!

Submission deadline

  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds


Estimated value: 20,000€ 
Workshops with our design department to develop a prototype

Development of your own Free form design

Business strategy coaching
Marketing advice

Photo shooting of your project

Visibility & Networking
Estimated value: 30,000€ 
Participation as a co-exhibitor at a renowned international IoT fair

Workshops with our design department to develop a prototype

Development of your own Free form design

Business strategy coaching
Marketing advice

Photo shooting of your project

Visibility & Networking
Estimated value: 10,000€ 
Development of your own Free form design

Marketing advice

Photo shooting of your project

Visibility & Networking

→ More information in the Competition rules.

Who can participate?

IoT specialists but also

Students, start-ups, innovative SMEs, product designers, engineers, ...

All nationalities

From all corners of the planet, you are more than welcome to participate.

Creative profiles

Motivated by the idea of developing a new connected solution using the ASCA® technology.


Beginning of the contest
November 19th
Submission deadline
December 31st
Winners announcement
January 2021
Workshops launching

Selection criteria


User benefits

Market potential

Business model

Societal impact


Ange Frederick Balma

Founder & CEO


Bernhard Beck

Serial Entrepreneur /
BOB Holding GmbH


Diana Blass

Video Director & Reporter
Kurrant Insights


Howard R. Berke

Venture Advisor /
Former CEO
Konarka Technologies


Jean-François Ancel

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique


Petra Kurz-Ottenwälder

Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder


Dr. Phoebe Tan

Raynergy Tek Inc.


Hubert de Boisredon



John Fiske

Business Development Manager
ARMOR solar power films


Moïra Asses

Marketing & Business Development Director
ARMOR solar power films


Pavel Schilinsky

Head of System Development
ARMOR solar power films


About the ASCA® film

Innovative features to easily and smartly power connected devices:

Low light

Energy production from 200 lux, even indoors.

Light weight

Around 450 g/m².

Dual functionality

Both power generation and light signal sensor.


Semi-transparency and plurality of colors.


Suited for curved surfaces.

Easy integration

All types of sizes and designs.



  • 5.5 µW/cm² (200 lux)
  • 35 µW/cm² (1,000 lux)

Outdoor: 40 Wc/m²

Adjustable voltage according to the module's design.

Low carbon

Organic materials and limited environmental footprint.

Why should you participate?

To innovate

You want to contribute to the development of IoT devices.

To collaborate

You want to work with different experts from key fields.

To discover

You want to learn about the benefits of OPV for IoT sensors.


Submit your idea before December 31st.

To participate, it is very easy, fill in all the requested information, complete the Application form and make a small video presentation of your team and solution. Remember that you have until December 31st to participate. The winners will be announced in January 2021.

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